Electrified: 50 Years of Electric Factory Exhibition

To preserve the rich history, the visual identity uses bold typography, bright colors, and layered collages that are reminiscent of the concert nightlife, rock-and-roll, and energy that Electric Factory brought to generations of music tastes and today’s concert experience. The exhibition combines modernity and nostalgia together across large spaces.

An exhibition wall containing collaged graphics of concerts and artists. In front displays exhibition objects in glass containers.

A 6.5" x 9.5", 135-page catalog highlights fifteen exhibition panels in a condensed format with nearly 200 objects, posters, and photography related to the Electric Factory. The book jacket cover becomes a poster when removed.

A detailed shot of some concert buttons and an object label.


Art Director
Mark Willie

Project Director
Derek Gillman

Exhibition Coordinator
Lynn Waddell

Exhibition Photographer
Mary Elizabeth Kulesa

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