Drexel University
Electrified: 50 Years of Electric Factory is a three-month-long exhibition (September 2023 - December 2023) that celebrates the impact of the Philadelphia-based Electric Factory and Electric Factory Concerts from the late 1960s to the 2010s. The exhibition spans three-quarters of the Paul Peck Alumni Center and a majority of the first and third floors of the Bossone Research Enterprise Center. From Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ guitar to original posters, photographs, and concert apparel, this exhibition emphasizes the vibrant nature of one of the largest concert venues. To preserve the rich history, the visual identity uses bold typography, bright colors, and layered collages that are reminiscent of the concert nightlife and energy that Electric Factory brought to generations of music tastes and today’s concert experience. The exhibition combines modernity and nostalgia together across large spaces.

Designs were translated from small-scale to large-scale graphics in various mediums including murals, wayfinding, panels, and banners. Such designs integrated collages that are layered with textures, color blocking, and photography, reimagining the form of music and the Electric Factory.

Special thanks to Mark Willie and his art direction/collaboration on this project.


A wall displaying a large collage graphic divided into three banners. Underneath the first banner is an auditorium entrance with a large Ben Franklin head graphic, a 'Live Aid' title, and a 'Live Aid' exhibition panel.
A wall graphic containing a group of people and adjacent is an exhibition panel titled 'Live Aid Live 8 And Famine Relief.'A wall containing a background of collaged concert posters and an exhibition titled '2nd Electric Factory and Live 8.'A wall containing collaged concert posters.BACK TO WORK