Hello! ☻

My name is Fiona Tran (fee-oh-nuh tr-an).

Driven by challenge and curiosity, I am a multi-disciplinary Philly-based designer whose work consists of meaningful visual storytelling systems and compelling design solutions. I focus my work on enhancing stories and highlighting identities of communities by recognizing the impact of community-driven initiatives, which empowers me to transcend conventional thinking and deliver engaging visuals in physical and digital spaces.

From creating a 29-foot-long mural to developing an entire visual graphics system for a university-based art exhibition, I immersed myself in unfamiliar environments, transforming space through design.

Beyond design, you can find me wearing comfy sweaters, illustrating on Procreate, or going on thrifting adventures.

A woman wearing a sports cap, t-shirt, and striped blouse looking to the right behind a background of greenery and a building.

For inquiries about freelance work or collaborative projects, please reach out via email.

→ fionatdesign@gmail.com→ Resume


Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design
Drexel University (2019-2023)