2023 Drexel University Graphic Design Senior Show

A group of people talking casually together in the Senior Show.

Our main objective was to highlight the mixture of personalities, diverse backgrounds, and distinct styles of our class. During the early stages of research, we focused on exploring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in an era of separation, endless zoom meetings, and little time to collaborate with others. The remaining months of school in-person was the time to reconnect with old friends and discover new ones. How can we showcase these differences to which is what makes our class bold and unpredictable? And how can we emphasize the impact of the pandemic and our bond as seniors? We started with these concepts.

First round of poster sketches

Further exploring the idea of boldness and unpredictability, we found interest in playing with pixels/glitches, repetition, and the principles of alternative design standards.

After six weeks of developing the concept, we have finalized the branding system.

Poster sketchesA logo containing '2023 Graphic Design Senior Showcase' in bold text.Arrow iconsStacks of the Senior Show booklet displaying the branding and name of the show.
A signage displaying text about no food or drink in the senior show


Branding & Design
Jade Dinh
Ross Huang
Aviva Gordon
Victor Martinez-Torres
Nicole Nowakowski

Evan Michel
Eric Sweeney

Booklet & Event
Bhavna Ganesan

Digital Showcase
Sara Balsamo

Headshot Photographers
Valentina Angelkova
Henry Holien

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