Drexel University
HOTPOT TOGETHER is a casual DIY hotpot cooking experience that includes unique tools and ingredients specific to making a hotpot meal: a ladle, sauce plates, a hotpot soup base, and dried lotus root. Each object is placed in dividers to protect, enhance, and display itself for an upscale retail market. The round exterior box was made using corrugated cardboard to showcase the intimate experience of cooking this delicious, hot meal.

This luxurious yet minimal packaging shares the rich history of hotpot by integrating a modern design that introduced both English and Chinese typography. Bold colors are reminiscent of traditional prosperous colors used in China to bring in good fortune, longevity, and happiness. After the box’s contents are removed, it can be repurposed as a storage container.


Two separate hands holding the back of the lid which contains an image of a tomato with "What is hotpot?" on top, a mushroom, two pieces of lotus root, and two pieces of chili peppers in a clustered arrangement. Next to the images is a description on the traditions of hotpot and introducing the kit itself.A front view of the kit which contains sauce plates and a slotted ladle underneath.
First layer of the kit which contains sauce plates, underneath is the slotted ladle and the recipe card.Layer two of the kit which shows a slotted ladle sealed by two elastic string on each side of the lade. A tag labeled "slotted ladle" in English and Chinese is attached to the loop of the ladle.Third later of the diy kit which contains on the left side, the lotus root jar labeled "lotus root" in English and Chinese and the right, a soup base pack labeled "Spicccy Sichuan", "Soup base", and "Made with bold flavors and spices."